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Adoption Process
The DRBC Adoption Process Overview
Click on the icon below to learn more about the different aspects of our process.  Please read all eight [8] sections prior to completing the application.

NOTE: During the Covid-19 Crisis the processing of applications is taking longer than normal.  Please know that DRBC will process every application received in the order in which we received it; however, we are staffed by volunteers and are limited by this. 

Once you have read ALL the sections in the Adoption Center fully and submitted an application, an email will automatically be generated confirming our receipt of your application.  Additional emails will follow as we begin to work your application, so please be prepared.

During the Covid-19 Crisis we are sending out bi-weekly updates on our progress through the list of applications received, so please be patient.

No one is happy about the danger Covid-19 presents, least of all DRBC.  This has hurt the rescue more than you can imagine, but we will continue on, helping and protecting dogs and urge you to stay safe until life someday returns to a more normalized state.

Thank you,
The DRBC Adoption Team

DRBC Adoption Background
Please review the overview sections outlined in the icons above above before completing the application [All 8 sections].  Many questions you may have about our process will be explained here.

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Call Us: 215-736-3338

  Drop us an email. We love to hear from you. Click the icon to the left or Email DRBC: Info@doxierescue.com

DRBC Adoption Process
Please review the overview sections outlined above before completing the application.  Many questions you may have about our process will be explained here.

Please understand that all rescue groups operate differently and it is important that you understand our approach to helping you find that special little one that completes your life.

The cycle shown below should help to explain the steps and timing associated with our process.

Step Description
Step 1
  • Applicant completes on-line application
  • Online: Self-Paced
 Step 2
  • Application Received
  • Home check Conducted
  • Follow-Up Questionnaire Issued
  • Veterinary Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Allow Up to 6-8 Wks 
    [Covid-19 Related]
Step 3
  • Phone Interview
  • Conducted Wednesday through Friday
  • Allow 1 Hr for discussion
Step 4
  • Meeting at DRBC Central by Invitation Only
  • Allow 2hrs
  • Saturdays Only
Step 5
  • Adoption
  • Post Adoption Home Check
  • Adoption: May occur at the end of the Meet-N-Greet
  • Post Home Check: At the discretion of DRBC
 Please note that DRBC reserves the right to deny or rescind any applicant at any step of the process.
Additionally, times noted are only estimates.  Actual processing times may vary and typically are shorter.
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