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The DRBC Adoption Policy
So you want to adopt. That’s great! Please know that DRBC, like many groups has requirements for you and the doxie you are about to meet. This list should help you decide if we are the group for you.

What DRBC Does for Our Doxies:
  • Outstanding medical care; no problem is left untreated before placement
  • Behavior Assessment Program
  • On-going Nutrition Program aimed at long life
  • Lifetime Access to Specialized Medical Support
What DRBC Asks of You:
  • Be over Age 21
  • Understand that this is a match of the heart, yours and the doxies, and not just the placement of some dog; i.e. personality matters more than looks or age
  • Think about your life and lifestyle and make sure this is the right idea; can you afford this, do you have the time, doxies live for almost 20 years!
Still excited? OK, get out that pen and contact DRBC for the application or fill out our Online Application. That’s how it all begins!

NOTE: During the Covid-19 Crisis the processing of applications is taking longer than normal.  Please know that DRBC will process every application received in the order in which we received it; however, we are staffed by volunteers and are limited by this. 

Once you have read ALL the sections in the Adoption Center fully and submitted an application, an email will automatically be generated confirming our receipt of your application.  Additional emails will follow as we begin to work your application, so please be prepared.

During the Covid-19 Crisis we are sending out bi-weekly updates on our progress through the list of applications received, so please be patient.

No one is happy about the danger Covid-19 presents, least of all DRBC.  This has hurt the rescue more than you can imagine, but we will continue on, helping and protecting dogs and urge you to stay safe until life someday returns to a more normalized state.

Thank you,
The DRBC Adoption Team

The DRBC Adoption Overview
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