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Get Our Deal of the Week

The security of a protective mask. The style of renowned artist Tamara Burnett. In today’s uncertain times, we need them both.

Exclusively from DRBC, the organization that has been committed to the physical safety and emotional well-being of doxies and doxie mixes for almost 40 years, you can now purchase individual, affordably priced protective masks that show you care.

This is your opportunity to make a contribution that supports the health of others.

Note: Quantities are limited.
Order today!

A portion of the profits from this product goes to helping doxies rescued by DRBC. Help your doxie and help one in need too!

Shop the Doxie Boutique for this and other great items by clicking the shopping bags below.


FDA Recalls
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Fab 5 Reach DRBC
28 July 2020  10:15A
Last week we were contacted by one of the shelters we work with and rushed to save 5 doxies left stranded on the side of a road…there were 6, but one was tragically and senselessly run down and killed. This is one of the hardest parts of rescue. We have nicknamed the group the Fab 5: Abby, Kevin, Dieter, Blaze and Kyle.

Today they all need your help. Click on Kevin's picture to read their story and make a difference.

Application Processing Slowed
28 July 2020  8:25A
DRBC has been processing adoption applications at a slower than normal pace.  Read our note from the Adoption Team to learn why.

NOTE: During the Covid-19 Crisis the processing of applications is taking longer than normal.  Please know that DRBC will process every application received in the order in which we received it; however, we are staffed by volunteers and are limited by this. 

During the Covid-19 Crisis we are sending out bi-weekly updates on our progress through the list of applications received, so please be patient.

No one is happy about the danger Covid-19 presents, least of all DRBC.  This has hurt the rescue more than you can imagine, but we will continue on, helping and protecting dogs and urge you to stay safe until life someday returns to a more normalized state.

Thank you,
The DRBC Adoption Team

Covid Projections Available
11 April 2020 08:15A
The coronavirus projections are now available. Here at DRBC we are watching closely and are hopeful for the first time since the crisis onset.  We hope, with your continued compliance, to become partially operational again by 1 May!

Click on the graphic below to look at your state and the projections.



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