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Did you want talk to me?  I am Fred!  I paused just for a few minutes to have this picture taken, but I gotta get going soon [sticks tongue out].  I am super active and I have so much fun every day at my foster home that I don't go to bed, I just crash, but that's OK.  I am just loving life!  I am one of the lucky DRBC fosters; I have foster sisters and real human foster brothers.  I love them all - I am just that kind of guy.  I have real good training and I am hoping to learn more about how life works while playing my heart out.  Are you the right forever home for me?  Come on out and let's find out together.  All ya have to do is follow the link, read all the sections in the Adoption Center and then apply!  Easy.  OK, I gotta run, it's time to get a game of fun going!  See you soon! 

NOTE: DRBC only adopts to NJ, NY, DE and Eastern PA areas to adults aged 21 yrs and older. This 'think global, act local' approach helps us provide the best in supportive medical care and behavioral guidance across the life of our placements.

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Penny Is Suffering
Mon on Mar 09, 2015 at 5:00 am
Here is what we found when DRBC reached Penny. She smelled as though she had been discarded with yesterday’s trash and in many ways, she had been. Her nails were curled under and had cut through 3 pads on her feet; her stomach has both hernias and painful mammary tumors; her skin is riddled with infection; and her teeth are so bad that the infection is oozing through her skin to the outside of her face. It is difficult for us to view. Below the surface a broken tooth has left her in so much pain that she cannot swallow without flinching. Yet she has battled to live.

Dobie Is In Crisis
Mon on Mar 02, 2015 at 5:00 am
The phone rings at all hours here at DRBC and when an emergency call came in at 2AM, we were there, as always.  A family threatened to dump their doxie in the woods if we did not come right away.  We RAN!  The little boy that was handed over to us was clearly in pain.  This is Dobie.  It only took a moment for us to realize this was much more than fear and starvation and off to NorthStar VETS we rushed.  Today we need your support.

Breaking News for Winnie

Wed on Feb 18, 2015 at 8:00 am

Ever wonder where those raffle funds go? Well this year's Valentines Day Raffle has led to a special gift of love for Winnie: a specialized cart. Her new cart will support all four limbs! Winnie fans will remind you that this poor little girl was shaken as a puppy for not house-training quickly enough. She has been left severely impaired.  Many thanks to all of you that participated.