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Cesar, Cesar, Cesar....yeah Deuce, what's up? It is our turn!! Really when did that happen? Just now! Oh wow, you mean this is it?! We can hope. I want a family that will love us Deuce. I want one that will play with us! That's a good idea too. Do you think the rescue will split us? Never my brother, never. How can we stand out so folks come to meet us Cesar? Here put on this goofy bow tie and smile. The peoples will know what a great addition to their family we could be! I hope they apply soon. Me too Cesar! Paws crossed!

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The Push to Heal
19 Oct 2016 at 9:10A �� �� ��

Last week was a very bad week here at DRBC.We rushed several doxies to specialty centers for urgent treatment.  Some of them you know; some of them you do not.  Regardless, we stepped in to help as their lives hung in the balance.  Now we need your help to address their needs.

We hope you will watch our video and meet Snickers, Angel, Joey and Sammy.   Our latest trip to NorthStar VETS brings new needs for this group of hopefuls.  Always, we ask ourselves…what would we do for our own and how will our supporters feel about our efforts.

DRBC Calendar Contest Opens NOW!

10 Oct 2016 at 8:39A �� �� ��

Enter your favorite photo of your doxie or doxies to win one of the coveted spots in the 2017 DRBC Calendar. Your entry and donations will help us continue to support the breed we hold so dear: the Dachshund. You will be able to count yourself among an amazingly caring network of people across the country and around the world who have supported our work to save over 6,500 Dachshunds since 1984, not turning any away due to age, injury or illness.

DRBC Weenie Roast Scheduled
10 Oct 2016 at 2:47A �� �� ��

The 2016 Weenie Roast is coming!! The big event has been rescheduled to Sunday, October 30th, 2016.  Mark your calendars and tell your friends!!  Click the icon below to visit the Weenie Roast Center and learn more.